Am I eligible to participate in the Project?

To participate, you must meet two criteria: be 65+ at the latest on the first day of classes and reside in one of the municipalities that joined the MEW @ project. In addition, priority is given to those who declare no or limited knowledge of computer and Internet use.

How to sign up for classes?

Recruitment is conducted in close cooperation with the municipalities participating in the Project. It is the municipalities that designate the institution, whose employees have direct contact with Seniors, provide them with information about the Project, prepare an initial list of candidates for Participants.

Will each Participant get their own tablet?

Of course. After completing didactic classes and fulfilling the project assumptions, each Participant will receive a tablet which will enable practical use and improvement of the acquired skills.

I do not have any knowledge about computer and Internet use. Will I manage in class?

That’s what our Project is for! Our Coaches are qualified to work with people who have little computer skills or with people who have not yet had contact with the computer. Each Project Participant can count on help and comprehensive answers to all questions.

I can use my computer and the Internet to a certain extent. In that case, will the classes be useful for me?

Our trainings are conducted at three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. We invite you to contact the staff of our Project to find out if you can learn something new. Participation in classes is also an opportunity to systematize knowledge gained independently and develop your skills. Participants who have a higher level of digital competence are also valuable support and inspiration for other Participants in the group.

How will the course translate into my knowledge of computer/laptop/tablet/Internet?

Our classes not only teach how to use digital equipment and the Internet. It is also important for us to equip you with competences and the possibility of further independent development and gaining knowledge in this area.

Is there catering during classes?

Of course, for each of the groups among others coffee, tea and sweet treats are provided.

Does the project provide for anything else besides computer classes?

Computer animation takes place after computer training. Animations are classes that aim at practical training and consolidation of skills acquired during training, while using the equipment received as part of the Project (tablet).

I will be happy to take part in the classes, but who will the other Participants be, I do not know if I will feel comfortable in the group?

As part of our activities, we want to facilitate building relationships between Participants. To this end, classes are conducted in a friendly, informal atmosphere. The coaches ensure frequent breaks. As part of participation in the Project, so-called “celebration” is planned, in other words the solemn closure of the training and animation cycle by the group. As part of the animation/celebration, the group may plan, for example, to go to the cinema, theatre or restaurant together. The cost of the event, in line with the budget assumptions, is covered under the Project’s resources.

In addition to the tablet, do participants receive anything else?

Each Participant, participating in the Project, receives auxiliary materials in the form of a pen, a notebook and a flash drive; educational materials are also available.

Will I receive educational materials?

Yes. Participants will receive an electronic textbook that they will be able to save on the received memory stick (flash drive) and open on the computer or display on the tablet. Thanks to this solution, even after the end of the course, you will be able to return to the topics discussed, refresh your memory or make up for the classes you did not attend.

Should I bring my own laptop to classes?

We have our own laboratories equipped with an average of 10 computer stations and mobile Internet. The number of computers in the mobile computer lab is adjusted to the size of the group.

How long does the course take?

Signing up for classes within the MEW@ Project is a time investment of 96 to 126 hours. Meetings usually last from 4h or 6h per day, this means a minimum of 21 and a maximum of 29 meetings. Groups usually meet twice a week.

How many classes can I miss during the training?

In order for the Participant to successfully complete the course, which is associated with the receipt of the tablet, he/she must show attendance at the minimum level of 60% of training classes and 60% of animations.

Can you make up for your absence?

Some hours of classes and animations can be carried out remotely (online). For example, a Participant using a tablet establishes a video interview with the coach and discusses the content of the class. This method can also be used to make up for your absence. In those municipalities where there are several groups at the same time there is also a chance to make up for the
absence by participating in the activities of another group.

Is computer training free?

The project is financed by the European Social Fund, which means that participation in training is completely free for Participants.

I need to commute to the location where the classes take place. Can I count on help in getting to the course location?

As part of the Project, we offer reimbursement of travel costs for which Participants at risk of poverty or in another difficult life situation can apply, who will take part in activities carried out in a different location than their declared place of residence. Travel costs will be refunded only up to
the second-class cheapest tickets on a given public transport route (within a radius of 50 km from the place of training), but not more than PLN 20 for one day of training.

How big are the groups?
In order for the training to start, we need to collect a group of Seniors (from 8 to 12). Such a number of Participants guarantees efficient conduct of classes as well as the possibility of individual approach of the Coach to each Participant.